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                      JCSF Website Feedback Page
Have a comment or suggestion for our website? Send us an e-mail and we'll post it here. E-mail to Webmaster

Great website! Just another example of what makes JCSF one of the premier modeling clubs in our       district. I was a little bit surprised that Dave Brown sent a reply as he generally doesn't do that. But then again I know he thinks highly of your club.     Dave Mathewson, AMA President

Please accept my congratulations on an excellent web site, which simply goes right along with all of the other great activities of your first rate club. Your club can serve as a positive example to other AMA clubs that hard work and dedication can lead to great things for modelers.
Dave Brown-Former AMA President

Wonderful and very informative website!   Your club's website is a reminder of how hard you work and strive to be an over-the-top AMA Chartered Club.  Keep up the good work and congratulations continuing your Gold Leader Club status.  Erin Dobbs,    Programs Coordinator, The Academy of Model Aeronautics.

What a comprehensive website chockfull of information!  I especially enjoyed all the photos that captured the spectrum of involvement your organization has. We are extremely grateful for your generosity and community support.....thank you again!  Michelle Spears, Executive Director Friends of the Parks.

What a great website!  I'm really impressed with your group.  You are introducing aviation to a whole new generation of kids and are obviously one of the best RC Clubs out there.  I've flown the TOC in Las Vegas a couple of times, and have always enjoyed RC flying.  Keep the green side up and your lift over drag!  You really do look like you have an exemplary club!
All the best,
Patty Wagstaff

Very nice website folks, but more impressively, what a fine organization!  From the pictures I can see the happiness that you are bringing to lots and lots of people.  The joy and thrill of flight is really independent of whether you are in the plane or not.  Iíve learned so much about flying, over the years, from RCíers. Keep up the wonderful work! Jim LeRoy

Very nice site!!!!!  I especially liked seeing the community involvement, like the litter patrol.  If more clubs took the time to be involved with their community, we might not have such a hard time being accepted by them. That in turn would allow more flying fields to remain closer to civilization.  Keep up the good work, and hopefully I will be able to fly with all of you sometime in the near future.
Chip Hyde, 12 Time U.S. National Champion

Great job on the new website!  Iím proud to be a member of the JCSF and appreciate all the hard work the members do.   Kristen Drusjack

You guys make me very proud of JCSF--I didn't think we would make it at times, but you are indeed now a "Premier AMA Club" and you blessed me in allowing me to be your President for a while.  You are the BEST! Great Appreciation for ALL of You.  Mike Smith

The new site looks terrific!  Great job!      Jen

I love the changes to the website - excellent job - definitely worth the wait!!
Thanks,  Chris C.

The website is looking good.  I watched the videos and you just brought on 20 minutes of smiles and warm memories....Exactly how many times did Timmy go and stick his hands in the prop? I sure do miss the JCSF. Don Shugard

I just wanted to say great job on the new and improved website! Although I think it was good before, it has definitely been upgraded, especially with the Classified section and other new features. I am looking forward to using it and look forward to a great upcoming season. Marc Ciccone

Wow the website is great!  The information is very timely, the pictures from last night's meeting are already posted. Keep up the good work. Dan Senese (an impressed new member)

The new website is really nice and easy to navigate.  Way to go!  Charlie W.