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One of the most underrated benefits of being a member of the Jersey Coast Sport Fliers is our beloved Newsletter. If journalistic awards were given for club newsletters ours would certainly take top honors every time. The "Transmitter" has arrived at the doorsteps and e-mail boxes of our members every month for the last thirty-plus years thanks to our very own long time member and newsletter editor Ed Runkel. When Ed began this labor of love so many years ago he painstakingly pounded out the newsletter on a typewriter long before computers and spell checkers were even heard of. And now keeping up with the latest technology Ed has transformed the Transmitter into a literary work of art including beautiful color photographs and documents. We all certainly appreciate Ed's commitment and once you've read one copy you will too. You can check out the latest versions by clicking on any of the links below and remember, if you are a new or existing member and have access to e-mail please let us know so that we can send you the electronic version rather than by regular mail saving our club lots of money. Thanks and enjoy!

You'll need Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to read the newsletter. If you don't have one click this logo to download it.
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