1. All flying will be in accordance with AMA regulations.

  2. Flying may begin at 10am. All flying is to be completed 1 hour before posted park closing time.

  3. There shall be no more than four pilots flying at once from the flight line and one heli pilot in the designated helicopter zone. Helicopter zone is to the right and behind the flight line.

  4. Flying shall be limited to within the boundaries of the approved flying field.

  5. Aircraft shall not be flown over the pit and parking areas.

  6. Spotters MUST be used for each pilot on each flight station. First time guests must have a JCSF club member spot for them. Pilots are responsible for making sure they have a spotter before going to the flight line to fly. A spotter MUST be with a pilot from throttle up on takeoff through shutting down after landing.

It is the spotter’s duty to inform the pilot of:

  • Boundaries

  • Other aircraft

  • People on the field or runway

  • Another pilot making a landing

  • Another pilot has called dead-stick

  1. There is absolutely no flying permitted of any type of aircraft while any spectators or park staff are within the flying field boundaries. All pilots are required to land their aircraft immediately and remain on the ground during any field mowing or maintenance by park staff and employees.

  2. All flying will be done from a designated area. Voice contact must be maintained between all flying pilots.

  3. All combustion engines shall be equipped with mufflers in order to limit decibel level to 96dB at a reference distance of 20 feet.

  4. JCSF reserves the right to inspect or refuse any aircraft.

  5. No turbine engine aircraft or aircraft deemed too large to be safely flown within the boundaries shall be permitted.

  6. All pilots are responsible for the neatness of the field. This includes the responsibility for cleaning up all debris, beverage containers, paper towels, etc. The provided refuse cans shall not be used for the disposal of aircraft parts.

  7. Any violation of the forgoing rules shall constitute grounds for the suspension of flying privileges.

For First Time NOTAM Displaced Visitors 

  1. Must have JCSF member present

  2. Must show current AMA card and member card from home club